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Borderless World

The Borderless World Foundation (bwf) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, registered organization based at Pune, Maharashtra. Established in March 2002, bwf aims to provide a 'Humane Touch' to the border areas of India and beyond. The bwf family is an open circle of people with a 'change-begins-with-me' approach to this cause.

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Borderless World Homes

Basera-e-Tabassum (BeT) in Kashmir, and the centre in Jammu are not hostels or orphanages - They are Homes. They are homes where girls from two to seventeen years of age live together as one big family. The head of the family is a female who juggles her role of manageress, elder sister (didi), mother (mimi), counselor, disciplinarian, teacher, guide - whatever it takes to keep the children happy: individually, and together.

The militancy and conflict in the state of Jammu & Kashmir has affected thousands of children. Girls are particularly vulnerable in the face of such conflict due to excess moral and cultural policing and most of them drop out of school. The conflict has only resulted in worsening the living conditions of the economically backward classes in Kashmir.

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Borderless Moments

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Note From Directors Desk

The process of Peace Building has numerous obstacles and one of the serious ones is misinterpretation of information and quotes. Borderless World Foundation has been involved in its efforts of peace building through educating the girl children and.

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